JXST J’s “Threw It All Away” Is A Nostalgic Letter To Past Relationships

R&B x Pop

Photo: Brian Vu

LA-based artist JXST J (aka James Pratley Watson) walk us down to the memory lane of past friends and lovers whom we lost touch with in his latest single “Threw It All Away.” Despite its lyrical theme, the track is actually a buoyant piece that takes your mind wandering to the past or simply daydream as you chill like a pro. Stream below:

On the new single, he shared:

“‘Threw It All Away’ is like a letter that you write to an estranged friend but don’t send. Maybe an old friend or lover has lost their way somehow – they’ve taken a job they don’t like, settled with a partner that doesn’t treat them right, they start shutting off from the world and it’s hard to understand. There’s a lot you wanted to say and a lot of questions you wanted to ask, but ultimately you’re only left to guess what happened. I wanted the track to have this sunny feeling with an underlying tension because that’s how nostalgia feels to me – there’s a sweet warmth to all the memories, but there’s also the pain of knowing things can’t go back to how they were.”