Lionel Boy’s “Lately” Is Therapeutic Melody For Melancholic Monotony

A song for a weird emotional state

Still from Lionel Boy – Lately (Official Stream) video

Lionel Boy is back with another introspective single “Lately” where he breaks down the empty and often moody monotony of life. It’s a graceful blend of jazz and R&B as Lionel Boy empathetically chants about that weird state of void and repetition we habitually practice yet never seem to enjoy. The track is a peace-inducing tune that gives us a moment of calmness to reflect. Enjoy:

On his new single, Lionel Boy commented: “Last year (2019), we had a week of rain in Long Beach. It was then that I wrote “Lately”. I just begun learning how to incorporate samples into my songwriting, and ‘Lately’ was the first project I was able to complete doing so. There was gloom, smoke and a feeling of monotony in the air— I think that comes through in the music. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I was feelin some type of way.”

“Lately” is from his upcoming debut EP Who Is Dovey?, which will be arriving on June 26th.