Night Traveler Navigates Through Dreams & Pains In “Put Your Money On Me”

Let’s rock it

Photo: Andrew Ryan Shepherd

Austin-based duo Night Traveler delivers a message of hope in their new celestial single “Put Your Money On Me,” a delightful blend of dream pop and rock. Layered with ethereal riffs and chest-swelling ambience, the track exudes a subtle air of uncertainty and loneliness – yet there is an undeniable sense of hope that is omnipresent throughout the soundscape. Enjoy:

On the influence behind their new single, the duo shared: “Pursuing dreams takes so much sacrifice. It’s late nights, no sleep, financial risk, your loved one sleeping alone. And often, this burden falls on the people around you. ‘Put Your Money On Me’ is about asking the ones you love to hold on a little longer. To keep believing in you. It’s a song about looking them right in the eye and being damn sure when you say, ‘I’m not letting you down’”

Adam Fischer and Hunter Glaske are the masterminds behind Night Traveler who rose in 2018 with their debut single “1984.” The duo is currently working on their debut record and will be sharing more details soon.