Razorlight Takes Us Back To 1999 In “Burn, Camden, Burn”

The life of a 19-year-old at the end of 20th century

Still from Razorlight – Burn, Camden, Burn video

Back in 1999, Razorlight’s frontman Johnny Borrell was a 19-year-old who was working on a film called Teenage Logic. Ten years later, Razorlight’s track “Burn, Camden, Burn” was born but never exposed to the world. Now it’s 2020 and Razorlight has unleashed the song with footages of Teenage Logic as its music video. This is what we call vintage visual and auditory gem where we get to follow Johnny from his life in London to rural France as he navigates what every 19-year-old faces entering the adult world:

On the video, Johnny shared: “When they told me they were going to use a song which is about my life when I was 19 I remembered I’d made a film at exactly the same point. I made the film when I was 19 and I’m singing a song about being 19, so it made sense to use the footage. It was a period in my life when I was into Warhol, existentialism and Milo Manara.”

“Burn, Camden, Burn” is out now via Atlantic Culture Records.