Lotte’s EP ‘Belong’ Is Out Now


Photo: Courtesy of Sailor Music

Norwegian poptress Lotte explores young love and all of its imperfections in her EP Belong. It’s a four-track record where she uses smoothly crafted melodies that capture both the pain and dreaminess of falling for someone that becomes an emotional rollercoaster. Stream below:

On her new EP, Lotte shared:

Belong is about finding true love and the one you think you want to be with for the rest of your life yet the fear of losing someone that are important to you. ‘Don´t Tell’ is a tragic break-up-song which describes the feeling of betrayal, yet it´s also my most up-tempo and positive vibe song so far. ‘Show Me Shadows’ I think is my most personal song so far, where the theme of the song is about gathering the courage to stand out from the crowd and just being yourself. ‘Mess’ is a tribute to everything imperfect in life and a reminder that no one can be perfect all the time.”