Les Techno Sends Us A Message Of Unity Amidst Isolation In “Flowers For Dystopia”

Rocking together while practicing safe social distancing

Photo: PR courtesy

“Don’t let me go / I’ll be strong / We’ll be strong together” chants Les Techno in his latest self-produced single “Flowers of Dystopia.” With hues of New Wave, “Flowers For Dystopia” is an intricate post pop piece that has a vintage air to it as if it was the soundtrack of a surreal semi-apocalyptic film from the 80s. But despite this ominous air, the lyrics leave us with a message of unity amidst the social isolation we’ve become accustomed these past few months. There is an equal dose of darkness and bounciness to the track that remind us of those glorious days hitting the afterparty following a concert – this feels like the track you heard at the afterparty:

Check out the remix version below:

On the influence behind the single, he shared: “one night, in a dream, I imagined walking out on a stage in some dingy East Village club, with the band playing this riff. I approach the mic and, like a wizard’s incantation, call out ‘Objects!, Objects!’ I woke up in the middle of the night, ran down into his studio and started recording it.”

Les Techno is the project of NYC-based artist who is known for his renowned singles “Where Were You?”, “Come Along” and many others. In addition to rock, he has produced hip-hop tracks for other artists including Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, and Onyx. Under Les Techno the mysterious maestro is play7fully experimenting with various genres that range from hip-hop to rock. Stay tuned for more Les Techno goodness this year.