Moscow Apartment’s “New Girl” Is Your New Anti-Catcalling Anthem

Indie rock

Photo: PR courtesy

To all the dickheads out there who still catcall and embrace misogyny, here’s Moscow Apartment’s “New Girl.” A lush piece of indie rock that unleashes all the pent-up frustrations that women face when they get catcalled by broflakes who need a life do-over. “New Girl” captures both the sophisticated flair and edginess of the duo who know how to deliver a dance-friendly rock’n’roll:

On their new single, the duo shared:

“Misogyny and catcalling served as the impetus behind ‘New Girl.’ There was one week where we were cat called probably 10 times; we felt fed up and wanted to write a song about men not respecting women’s boundaries, especially in public. We started working on the song during one of a couple sessions at Kevin Drew’s house. He has been a huge supporter of our music, and was awesome, giving suggestions and ideas but not wanting to take any credit because he’s such a great guy. He’s super supportive of young artists – especially young women – and wants to help us stay true to ourselves and our sound.”

The track is from their upcoming sophomore EP Better Daughter, which will be out on July 10th.