narou Captures Our Impulsive Episodes In New Single “Deep End”

We all have those moments

Photo: PR courtesy

Vienna born, Berlin-based artist narou boxes us into that moment of impulsiveness fueled with anger in his new slick groove “Deep End.” Despite the thematic heftiness, “Deep End” slips seamlessly into your system as narou captures both the aggression and surrealism of such emotional episode. Stream below:

“I wrote this song about my somewhat impulsive behaviour after fights in a loving relationship. I challenged myself to start with the hook in order to hit the listener with that dramatic message and feeling right away. Saying that I don’t ever wanna hear back from that person is a feeling that doesn’t reflect my actual needs when the storm has cleared, but more so a display of pure anger I felt in that very moment. The second verse really brings clarity because I realized that this feeling will pass and all I want to do is forget about it and move on. We often find ourselves in situations like this. For me personally it has been an immense learning curve and I am slowly learning to control my emotions and my anger from a place of peace and love.”

The track is from narou’s latest EP GOOD COMPANY, which was released last Friday.