Shred Kelly’s “Underground” Goes Out To Chronic Stressors & Insomniacs Out There

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian band Shred Kelly unpeels the different layers of chronic stress and haunting insomnia that many of us face in their latest single “Underground.” Whether the current world events or personal existentialism is keeping you awake at night, “Underground” feels like a sonic tap in the back that acknowledges the difficulties related with navigating through that emotional labyrinth while also helping you get out of that funky space. Check out the animated video by Steward Fanning below:

Speaking of the track, the band shared: “Our vocalist, Tim, began the process of creating ‘Underground’ during a period of anxiety and insomnia while dealing with personal loss. This sombre track is one which so many people can relate to, especially with current events unfolding.

Anyone who has dealt with chronic stress will know that it can be debilitating, and just like a sad song can get you through a breakup, we hope that this piece can be a comforting anthem.”

“Underground” was produced and recorded by Nygel Asselin and is from the band’s upcoming album Like A Rising Sun, which will be out this Friday, June 19th via DevilDuck records.