Baker Grace’s “Pops” Is An Ode To Her #1 Fan & Hero

Happy early Father’s Day ya’ll!

Photo: Jamie Noise

No matter how crazy the world seems to get, there’s an undeniable fact: Father’s Day is coming and it’s an occasion to celebrate our personal heroes. NYC artist Baker Grace delivers the ultimate celebratory anthem dedicated to her #1 lifelong fan in her single “Pops.” It’s a heartfelt melody that captures the unbreakable bond between fathers and daughters as Baker beckons us into a meditative soundscape filled with nostalgia. Enjoy:

On her new single, Baker shared:

“Nobody understands me like my Dad does. Our countless late night conversations, car rides listening to music, and days spent singing while he plays the guitar have heavily shaped who I have become. I wrote ‘Pops’ to show him how much he truly means to me. I hope anyone who loves or connects with their father or any role model in their life can relate and use this song to express their appreciation. We can’t ever forget the people who believed in us from the beginning.”

“Pops” is from her upcoming sophomore EP Yourz Truly.