Hayes & Y Dive Into The Pains Of Conformity In “All Pressure/No Pleasure”

Indie pop

Photo: Mariya Sabotinova

Indie pop quartet Hayes & Y dive into the pains and pressures we get imposed when we are expected to conform to social expectations in new single “All Pressure/No Pleasure.” It’s a track that illustrates the desire to fulfill our individual interests while being pushed to act and behave certain way to be accepted. Layered with 80s electronica, “All Pressure/No Pleasure” puts us into a reflective trance:

On the single, frontman Blagoslav shared: “I feel that’s something that has been troubling people for a long time. Conformity comes easy for some people, but others really struggle with it and find it hard to find their place in a society, where it is paramount.”

Keep them under your radar for more beats this year.