Remo Drive Capture Our Longing For The Other Side In “A Flower And A Weed”

“Won’t you pick me from among the weeds?”

Photo: Connor Peck

Remo Drive returns with new single “A Flower and a Weed” where they capture the longing and idyllic way we tend to imagine the other side. It’s a gauzy and sweet euphony that was recorded and mixed in their parents’ basement, evoking a feeling of dreamy familiarity. As we all indulge in the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side (2022, ahem) mentality, “A Flower and a Weed” is the soundtrack to donate our eardrums to for the rest of this bizarre year:

The track is from Remo Drive’s upcoming record A Portrait Of An Ugly Man, which will be out on June 26th via Epitaph Records.