0171 Lets Us Indulge In Fake Utopia In New Video “Follow”

Take a temporary break from reality

Photo: William Spooner

UK duo 0171 captures the magic of being in that melodic flow state where you get to indulge in your own fantasies of a perfect world in their new single “Follow.” Yes, they acknowledge that it’s fake but the temporary relief that it provides is illustrated in their dreamy soundscape as the duo throw in nostalgic vibes of 90s infused with a sizzling atmosphere. The video, made during lockdown with their long-term collaborator and friend Jake Alden-Falconer, reimagines a world where the cyber world meets reality. Hit play:

“Follow is a fantasy,” noted 0171. “It’s all about a longing to just let go and believe that everything’s fine, everything’s perfect, even if you know it’s a lie. This is the fantasy world that pop music provides – a world where you really can just take someone’s hand and drive off into the sunset with the top down. We know it’s fake, but we might as well believe in it.

The track is from the duo’s upcoming EP Change Nothing, which will be out on August 14th.