GRAE’s “Ex Lovers” Is For Everyone Failing Forward To Getting Over Their Ex

A silky blend of R&B and pop

Image: PR courtesy

Getting over a breakup is messy and Toronto-based artist GRAE lets us know that she – like all of us – has failed forward into getting over a past lover in her new single “Ex Lovers.” Lyrically, it’s a confession of dating other people to get over someone. Melodically, it’s a sultry piece smoked with silky layers of R&B and risqué ambience that swings between lust and loss:

“‘Ex Lovers’ was written during a time in my life where I was dating people just to get over a certain person. I convinced myself there was something real in these relationships when really, I knew there wasn’t. In one of the cases actually, it felt like that person was doing the same thing, trying to get over an ex by dating me, and we found ourselves in the same position, which is where the line ‘’maybe we’re just using one another’ came from. We were both trying to get back at our ex lovers.”

The track is from GRAE’s upcoming sophomore EP, which will be arriving in August.