JVLY’s New Future Soul EP ‘inside weather’ Is Out Now

And it’s one smooth flow

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds Records

Aussie artist JVLY has finally unveiled his long-awaited EP inside weather, a majestic blend of R&B, soul, and pop that has sparks of woozy moodiness and chill-inducing synths. It’s a record where each song takes you on a different chapter of a bigger story that ultimately leads to self-evolution. If you’re looking for a record to spin while shuffling your thoughts, this is it:

On his new record, JVLY shared: “inside weather is really one central concept in the way that it follows from different parts of the same story through each of the songs, and I really wanted to make sure that it all tied together seamlessly when you play it from start to finish. I hope people get the chance to listen to it like that, it makes most sense that way.”

inside weather is available everywhere via Mammal Sounds Records.