Nana Adjoa’s “Throw Stones” Is Sonic Antidote For Sanity

It’s like spa music meets soulful pop

Photo: Latoya Van Der Meeren

Nana Adjoa shares her own mojo in regrouping herself and staying sane with her latest single “Throw Stones.” Think of this as a super mutation between spa music and soulful pop where Nana tackles all the doubts, worries, and chaos that saturate our bodies through her ASMR-like vocals while also injecting us with nerve-calming synths. Enjoy:

On her new single, Nana noted: “This song is about me calming myself down in difficult times. To feel, regroup, and reflect. If you need that right now, to feel it to embrace it and slowly heal, you can listen to this song and count to 10. You don’t always have to be ‘on’, you are allowed to take time, to rest and come back feeling refreshed, better and stronger. I hope this song gives you pause, time to breathe.”

Nana is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer with Ghanian roots who was born and raised in Amsterdam. “Throw Stones” is from her upcoming debut album, which will be out this fall.