Broken Bones Matilda Sends Us Teen Rush In New Single “Everafter”

Dream pop made of rock and grunge

Photo: PR courtesy

London-based duo Broken Bones Matilda is taking us into the Romeo & Juliet-esque lane of teen romance in their new single “Everafter.” Over its dream pop canvass, the duo brushes it with hues of 70s rock and splashes the edgy shades of 90s grunge that makes “Everafter” an affair blurred with frissons and endorphins of young love. It’s acoustic and ambient at the same time, transporting you back to that naïve chapter:

Broken Bones Matilda is currently on a two-week virtual tour, raising money for #saveourvenues. Don’t miss them:

ALL ON INSTAGRAM LIVE 7:30PM – all to raise money for #saveourvenues



21/06/20 – @WILDBEERCO



26/06/20 – @NORTHBREWCO

28/06/20 – @ECBFESTIVAL


04-06-20 – @DURATIONBEER