MOY’s “No Talk’s The Best Chat” Is Our New Work Soundtrack

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Glasgow-based New Zealander artist MOY gives us the best soundtrack to play during office meetings titled “No Talk’s The Best Chat.” You can interpret this however you want, but we can imagine just blasting this every time we do a recap of yesterday’s meeting in today’s meeting. Just mute the video conference and blast this while nodding in front of the camera:

“‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ can be interpreted in lots of ways,” shared MOY. “I personally don’t like saying much and the things I want to say don’t always need to be said, I prefer expressing myself through music and photos. I’d like everyone to have their own interpretation of the song.

It was written and recorded on the acoustic guitar during the time we have spent in lockdown. When you have something new the first thing you want to do is show it to the band and start working out new parts, but we had to approach this differently. We recorded the basis of the song and layered some sounds before sending it to our drummer and guitarist, both of who set their parts which they recorded with a minimal set-up. It was a strange feeling having their sounds on the song without us all being together. “