Nat Vazer Shares Twin Peaks-Inspired Video “Higher Places”

And it’s like a 40s-50s throwback

Photo: PR courtesy

Melbourne artist Nat Vazer takes us into her own Twin Peaks-inspired world in her latest video “Higher Place.” It’s a haunting pop piece where Nat channels the goosebumps-inducing sensation of meeting new people while also acknowledging our despair to find company. Enjoy:

In her own words, the gal shared:

“The clip was filmed at Manorism studios which used to be a theatre in the 1940s and 50s. We wanted to capture the essence of a past-time for this video so I thought the studio would suit that, and it was also pretty versatile which was handy for all the different scenes. We filmed the clip over a 9 hour day but most of that time was actually spent on constructing the set, playing around with different ideas and working out the lighting situ.

There’s this theme of otherworldliness and play with light and dark which has been very much influenced by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. But the idea of the smokey haze, the silhouettes and having an old phone and TV on set is also taken from the neo-noir film ‘Lost Highway’ which is a classic Lynch film.

As we were in isolation, the filming was a slow process with only two of us. We also had a limited budget so all our props were secondhand and picked up from Facebook Marketplace and hard rubbish. It was a very DIY approach – we used zip ties, a metal rod and cut up fabric to make curtains.”

“Higher Places” is from Nat’s debut album Is This Offensive And Loud?, which is out now. The gal will be playing a couple of album release shows, so don’t miss her:

Thursday 18 June – Leaps and Bounds Festival – Records and Refreshments

Airing on Rockhopper Records’ Youtube Channel and Facebook Page

FREE – Donations welcome and split between performing artists

Saturday 20 June – Small Time, Brunswick

Live-streamed to Facebook and cross-posted between Small Time & Nat Vazer

Free + tickets via Eventbrite – Donations welcome – 100% proceeds to Nat Vazer

Thursday 2 July – Music Farmers

Live streamed via Instagram @musicfarmers from 7:30pm

Wednesday 8 July – Jet Black Cat

Live streamed via Instagram @jetblackcatmusic from 7.30pm

Friday 10 July – Rocksteady Records

Live stream on Rocksteady’s Instagram @rocksteadyrecords

Full band show