JyellowL’s “JeweLs” Is An Ode To Our Own Complexities

A breakneck banger

Photo: Dylan Cannyghin

Dublin-based artist JyellowL celebrates the chaotic components of our nature in his new single “JeweLs.” It’s a breakneck hip-hop piece where JyellowL flexes his vocal prowess while drumming our brains with hooky beats. The track celebrates our own complexities, which often drives us crazy but is what makes us individuals:

On his new single, JyellowL shared: “‘JeweLs’ is a celebration of our multifaceted nature, as well as the complexity of the human condition. It’s about recognising our worth and understanding that we are all inherently valuable and that our value may just manifest itself in different realms.”

Born to Jamaican and Nigerian parents, JyellowL has been pushing the boundaries of the Irish rap scene by drawing various influences. “JeweLs” is from his upcoming LP 2020 Division, which will be out soon.