We The Commas Surf Through Love, Lust & Good Life In “Sherry”

Surf alternative R&B

Photo: Omar Guerra

SoCal trio We The Commas take us into a sonic surfing trip into the waves of beach pop, R&B and soul in their latest single “Sherry.” It’s the perfect summer love song that captures the euphoria of finding the perfect partner for you alongside the joys and lust for life that comes with it. The video, directed by Josh Sikkema and Chris Rosa, captures their love for surfing and music:

“We wrote the song ‘Sherry’ because we wanted to capture the feeling you get when you feel like you found the perfect romantic partner. Finding your Sherry is just an amazing feeling. Our goal was to create a song that would encompass our full vibe as a band so that people could get to know us and our range. We really wanted to make something that people from multiple generations could enjoy.” They continued, “We originally recorded the demo for the song in a small studio in Studio City, CA but the track completely transformed when our producer Chris Rosa brought us over to Sphere Studios in North Hollywood. We got to record through this sick Neve board and we brought in additional musicians, live horns, and a mellotron player. Everything on the record is live.”

Cam Comma, Jordy Comma, and Lenny Comma are the sibling masterminds behind We The Commas. The trio is currently songsmithing and will be dropping more music this year, so keep them under your radar.