88/89 Celebrate Living In The Now In “Wide Open”

Psychedelic pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

London-based duo 88/89 reminds us of the pleasure and value of living in the now in their latest single “Wide Open.” It’s a delicate combination of bursting psychedelic beats and smooth transitioning moments where the duo takes a pinch of optimism and expands it through their blooming sound. Enjoy:

“We were writing a lot of songs that were really busy sound-wise. The idea with this track was to pair a simple song with more traditional sounding instruments to create a sickly sweet sound. A sort of Lou Reed Transformer production style. So we gave ourself the limitation of more live drums, acoustic guitars, Rhodes etc. It sounds simple but we had to modify a bunch of guitars to get the sound we were looking for and devalue them a fair bit in the process. We really wanted to do a guitar solo as well; so much so that original was about a minute and half long, which we fought for until the last moment. The lyrics came into play quite early with this one and started with the chorus. The first line fell out and we built from there. Once the words ‘Wide Open’ came into play it dictated the rest of the song. It’s a pretty simple song musically so melodically we wanted to switch it up in the verses. Wide Open for us is about those fleeting moments in time when everything fits into place. When you can drop all of those insecurities and fears and just love truly.”

“Wide Open” is from the duo’s upcoming EP, which is in the works.