Ellie Bleach Teaches Us How To Start Cults In “He Bought Me Nikes”

Call Now: 1-800-666-CULT

Photo: Poppy Marriott

London artist Ellie Bleach will teach you how to start cults in her 90s infomercial video “He Bought Me Nikes.” With its mind-dazzling baroque pop playing in the background, the video is an irresistible marketing bait that makes you wanna pick up your smartphone and dial the magical numbers. Lyrically, the track describes that weird subspecies of humans who tend to suffer from God complex:

“’He Bought Me Nikes’ is about a type of guy that I’ve encountered time and time again with a God complex that leaves them totally aloof and detached from anyone that tries to get close to them,” Bleach explained. “I was obsessed with the Jonestown Massacre and the heaven’s gate cult. I kept thinking, what kind of person is so magnetic, so attractive they can lure people to their own deaths? Then I realised, I know plenty of guys like that, and have fallen for one or two.”

The world is a weird place.