If Being Human Is Harder Than Ever, Here’s Shuffalo’s “Stay On Me”

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Inspired by childhood narratives of Chronicles of Narnia, Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, Shuffalo’s latest single “Stay On Me” takes a mysterious and fantasy-like approach in reflecting what it means to be alive right now. The track follows two lovers who eventually tap into their past, present, and future as they address all kinds of issues from intimacy to earth’s future. If being human feels far more complicated than it did in any other time, then “Stay On Me” is for you:

“The song explores many important topics such as climate change, mortality salience, love, and the fight for a better tomorrow,” shared Shuffalo. “The mood starts off slow before it falls down the rabbit hole, two lovers (in a dangerous time) walking down a dirty alley with bursting neon and vines crawling through the cracks while nature takes back the city. The song travels with the pair as they question their past, live in the moment, and explore future challenges.”

Hailing from Calgary, AB, Shuffalo are Brayden Bell, Bailey Clarke, Steve Mac, and Mac Bennett. They released their debut EP Heart Attack back in 2018 and has previously supported other bands including Shred Kelly, Lucy Rose, and Dave Monks. “Stay On Me” is from their upcoming sophomore record, which they’ll be sharing more news soon.