Jinka Cuts Through Betrayal & Naivete In “Dagger”


Photo: PR courtesy

Berlin artist Jinka captures the emotional shitstorm we get stuck in when our loved ones backstabs us in new single “Dagger.” Using sharp, heart-splitting synths and bursting moments of anger with sadness, Jinka draws out the love and hate dynamic we experience internally when we get betrayed by someone. “You’re breaking me apart like old styrofoam,“ she chants. Enjoy:

“I wrote Dagger with Magdalena Bay during a writing trip to LA last November. Like all of my songs, it’s quite personal. The day we wrote it I felt very fragile because I had to process a lot of mixed feelings towards somebody who I felt had betrayed me. We tried to translate these feelings into a song that reflects on trust, misuse of trust and nativity, a song about being backstabbed by someone you keep loving even though you constantly get hurt by this very person.”

The track is from Jinka’s debut LP No Anything Else, which was released recently. Check it out: