The Skinner Brothers’ “Away Days” Is An Ode To All The Passions We Missed This Year

Can we just forward to 2022?

Photo: Taylor Conboy

London-based quartet The Skinner Brothers pay homage to all the passions we missed this year in theiur new single “Away Days.” For them, the track is an ode to English football while for the listeners, it might be something else. Filled with bittersweet air, “Away Days” is filled with the present melancholia paired with future hope that has a classic flair to it. Enjoy:

On their new single, frontman Zachary Charles Skinner shared: “The song arose from my love of football culture, I’d been wanting to write a song that captures the essence of match-day for a long while and with ‘Away Days’ I feel I’ve done it. The song takes inspiration from the jukebox classics played in the pubs, along with the fashion togetherness that the football brings!”

“Away Days” is out now via Blaggers Records.