From Morning Yoga To Nighttime Drinking, TOLEDO’s “FOMO” Depicts Our Quarantine Life

Ups & downs of too much me-time

Photo: Ashley Plante

Brooklyn duo TOLEDO sums up our quarantine life in their new single “FOMO” where they take us through the shaky emotional ride of trying to stay insane during this weird time. The track inhales you with its hypnotic wooziness as the duo depicts the fragility of our mood as we juggle our own optimism and pessimism. Stream below:

On their new track, TOLEDO shared: “This is the first song we wrote and recorded while quarantined together in our hometown of Newburyport, MA. Every morning was starting the same: a very brief meditation and a short session of Yoga with Adriene (love you, girl). The resulting mindfulness was usually short-lived and followed by late nights of drinking and Buffy reruns. FOMO pokes fun at this quarantine lifestyle, but at the end of the day gives voice to a genuine desire to be more present.”

TOLEDO is the collaborative project between two lifelong friend Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. They released their DIY debut EP Hotstuff back in 2019 and self-released their single “Lovely” in March of this year. Keep the duo under your radar for more drops.