Ruby Red’s EP ‘Area Of Affect’ Is A Visceral Exploration Of Emotions

Time to get in touch with your feelings

Photo: PR courtesy

Ruby Red examines each puzzle piece that make up our emotions in their new EP Area of Affect. From highly discomforting feelings of uncertainty to euphoric waves of excitement, each song offers a certain mood through its lyricism and cinematic melody. If you’ve lost touch with your feelings this year, then this is an EP to help you stay connected with all the good and bad sides of being human:

“‘Affect’ refers to the experience of emotion, feeling, and mood, which is really what every song on the EP is about, in one way or another,” explained the duo. “We, as human beings, are all little areas of affect, feeling our way through life, feeling a certain type of way.”

Area of Affect is the band’s sophomore EP and the follow up of their 2018 release Lovelock. Keep the duo under your radar for more releases.