The Lights Downtown Takes Us Waltzing Into Sad Happy Place In “I Think I Miss You”


Photo by Danica Stanojevic // Edited by Jesse Schwarz

The Light Downtown nestle us into that emotionally conflicting place of sadness and hope after a breakup in new single “I Think I Miss You.” Sprayed with nostalgia, the track exudes the heart-breaking longing that arrives after a breakup while also tapping into the feeling of renewal and hope for the future. This is the track to listen to while you debate whether or not you should text your ex (answer’s no):

On their new single, the duo shared:

“It’s about being in a place where you’re not quite sure what’s next, after leaving behind someone or something that meant a lot to you.

When we wrote this song we were both in a strange place in our lives. A lot had changed all at once for both of us in a matter of months. Every time we thought about those meaningful moments, there was always an element of uncertainty and sadness, yet excitement about moving forward.”

The Light Downtown are comprised of Toronto-based producers Brendon Bonnor and Jordan Lennen. The duo will be sharing more songs this year, so stay tuned.