Venmo Your Ears To Tolliver’s “Owe Me Money”

To all the bitches who owe you money

Photo: Lisa Johnson

Tolliver is back with a new quirky and heartfelt single titles “Owe Me Money,” an elegantly built soundscape of pop rhythmic backbone and hip-hop intensity that deliver a clear message to those who haven’t paid you back. From counting unpaid debts to celebrating self-love, “Owe Me Money” is a summer-kissed track where Tolliver playfully reminds you of your worth. Blast this:

On his new single Tolliver shared:

“‘Owe Me Money’ is about all the bastards who can afford to pay you on time and what you’re worth, but don’t just cause. It’s about working 4.25 jobs – the LA dream, daddy – and still being behind on bills cause a muhfucka won’t CUT THE CHECK. The verses are about living your Robin Leach fantasy, soaking up the sun without a care in your Patron-dizzy head. It’s also about Armando, who still owes me two-hunnid dollas. Pay up, Mando! It’s been years!”

Will Armando ever pay? Maybe in the next life…