Kadeema’s EP ‘Napoleon Tornapart’ Teaches Us Being Fine With Not Being Fine

Pop meets indie rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Ontario duo Kadeema (aka Jimmy Chauveau and Tal Vaisman) teaches us how to be okay-ish despite being at the lows of life in their debut EP Napoleon Tornapart. It’s not a broody, self-pitying record – on the contrary, the EP is made up of mood-boosting bangers that acknowledges the realistic hardships of life and triggers our survival instinctive by helping us adapt and eventually overcome. Stream below:

Speaking of the EP title, Chauveau commented: “It’s the idea that any human can be brought down by the day. I love the idea of a military-esque man just broken over a table, almost like a Renaissance painting.”

Cheers to being an imperfect human being.