Practice Mindfulness Without Falling Asleep With ADMT’s “Good For You”

R&B x hip-hop

Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist ADMT (Adam Taylor) has shared his latest single “Good For You,” a quirky mixture of R&B and hip-hop where he reminds us to stay present and enjoy the process of whatever we’re making or doing. But unlike those ‘mindfulness’ sleep-inducing music, “Good For You” is an upbeat anthem filled with blazing synths and sharp lyricisms that go straight into our reward center. Check it out:

On his new single, ADMT shared: “‘Good For You’ is about not rushing into something and enjoying the moment, not worrying about the future, not putting pressure on yourself and just enjoying something for what it is on in that moment. I think we sometimes rush so much we miss the beauty of things in the now.”

Stay tuned for more goodies from ADMT this year.