Sam Valdez’ “Clean” Is For Saboteur Lovers Out There

Shoegaze pop

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Sam Valdez delivers a dreamy, shoegaze pop that is filled with starry-eyed and dooming air in her latest single “Clean.” Built on a chest-swelling romanticism, “Clean” is a song that embraces bad love where Sam admits that someone’s charm is comprised of both the good and dark sides. In other words, “Clean” is Sam’s way of reminding us that romance is messy and it’s what makes it so attractive:

In her own words, Sam shared: “‘Clean’ is a love song in a way but it’s more about being drawn to self-destruction. It’s about finding comfort in uncertainty and appreciating the darker qualities in someone as well as the good.”

The track is from Sam’s upcoming record, which is still in the works.