JyellowL Is A Modern Vitruvian Man In New Video “Jewels”


Still from JyellowL – Jewels (Official Music Video)

Dublin-based artist JyellowL returns with new video “Jewels” where he crosses another dimension, does some cool meiosis, and poses as a modern Vitruvian Man. Those three are enough reasons to watch the video. Directed by Paul Luchain, “Jewels” is a symbolic exploration of human condition and embracing the messiness of it. Hit play:

“‘Jewels’ is a celebration of our multifaceted nature, as well as the  complexity of the human condition. It’s about recognising our worth and understanding that we are all inherently valuable and that our value may just manifest itself in different realms,” shared JyellowL.

The track is from JyellowL’s upcoming debut LP 2020 Division, which he’ll be sharing more deets soon.