MOY Shares Video For “No Talk’s The Best Chat”

Enuff said

Still from MOY – No Talk’s The Best Chat (Official Video)

Glasgow-based, New Zealand artist MOY is back with a new video for her single “No Talk’s The Best Chat.” Written and recorded during quarantine, the video showcases 2,500 hand-drawn sketches created by the band during their isolation. Through simple aesthetics, “No Talk’s The Best Chat” channels the band’s grooviness and energy in a 2D universe:

“We started sketching frames from videos and layering them on top of each other” explained MOY. “Once we managed to animate a short 2 second clip which we instantly fell in love with it was a no brainer to have a fully animated video drawn by ourselves.  It took about a month to get all of it animated, it was literally all we did, it became an addiction.  Wake up and draw until we couldn’t anymore – then pass it over to one of the other band mates to continue!”

Stay tuned for more beats from MOY this year.