Meet Love Level – The Gals You Want To Chill With In Heaven


Artwork & Photo: Dom Gould

Hailing from Gold Coast, Love Level is the brand new project by bandmantes Aimee Van der Kruik and Juliana Ebert. The gals have released their self-titled debut single today where they explore the starry-eyed state of euphoria that you get soaked into around your favorite people. It’s like a flow state where everything in life seems to move smoothly and you’re just chilling in the moment. Enjoy:

On their debut single, the duo shared:

“‘Love Level’ was the first song we wrote together as a band. We were so excited about starting this new project that the song came so naturally and was practically finished in one session. We did all of our writing with our close friend and producer in the bedroom of his family home. The inspiration for this song came to us on a night out when we spoke to a friend and he told us he was so drunk that he was on his ‘love level’. We took that idea and wrote a song that expresses the euphoric feeling of being intoxicated in a room full of the people you love. We also played on the idea of the song being interpreted from a romantic perspective -the vulnerability and overwhelming emotions that come with any new relationship. A few months after first writing the single, we took it to another good producer friend (Callum MacDonald of daste.) who helped add some new ideas and made all of the finishing touches, bringing our vision for the song to life.”