NZCA LINES Taps Into Contemporary Screen Romance In “For Your Love”

Love in the pandemic era

Still from NZCA LINES – For Your Love (Official Audio) video

NZCA LINES addresses our contemporary frustrations and thrills of conducting romance through screens in his latest single “For Your Love.” Channeling both the physical longing and emotional connectedness, “For Your Love” is a heart-squeezing track that applies to lovers in this surreal era we live in where intimacy has been reduced to screens. The track is wrapped in the 70s glitters of soul and disco as NZCA LINES vocals convey a message of hope to all those modern (and hopefully temporary) star-crossed lovers out there:

In his own words, “‘For Your Love’ is about constructing a relationship across video screens, longing for intimacy with one another yet always one step removed, caught in the thrill of doing something completely irrational.”

The track is from his upcoming album Pure Luxury, which will be out on July 10th via Memphis Industries.