FNP Showers Us With 80s Grooviness In “Weeks Of Rain”

Dancefloor bliss

Photo: Jonathan Wilcox

London artist FNP sends us a cascade of dance-inducing synths that soak you with dancefloor bliss in his latest single “Weeks of Rain.” It’s a contemporary take of 80s dance music that feels vintage, but sends you a rush of newness. Glossed with gauzy layers of neo-disco and dripping piano keys, “Weeks of Rain” washes your system with glorious frissons:

In his own words, FNP shared: “This really was a track that seemed like it was writing itself. I got the bassline sounding nice and thick and from there I just layered as many 80’s style synths as I could. The piano chord stabs just came naturally after.”

Keep FNP under your radar for more goodies.