Golden Vessel’s “midwest” Is An Homage To Road Life

For every nomadic musician out there

Photo: Maxwell Byrne & James Caswell

Aussie artist Golden Vessel, aka Maxwell Byrne, takes us on a roadtrip straight out of his imagination in his latest single and video “midwest.” The track is an ode to the road life he imagined and manifested to reality as a touring musician. Co-filmed and directed by Maxwell Bryne and Mathew Howard, the video features Golden Vessel hopscotching between reality and imagination:

On his new single, Golden Vessel shared:

“I wrote ‘midwest’ in the summer of 2018 in Brisbane. I was starting to make a new album in my parent’s lounge room while they were overseas, and I made ‘midwest’ spread out on the floor late one night. I was just about to spend a fair amount of time touring and driving across America and so I guess this song is about me waiting in anticipation of getting out on the road. It feels a little weird to write songs in anticipation and then sort of live out what you wrote about like one big foreshadowing but being out on the road in America with my friends has been one of the highlights of my life.”

Golden Vessel is currently working on his upcoming album colt, which will be out in early 2021. In the meantime, he’ll be sharing more songs via sumoclic – a record label founded by him and Akurei. Stay tuned.