Isaac B’s ‘Chances Ocean’ EP Is Out Now

A sultry blend of R&B and hip-hop

Photo: Dilantha Dissanayake

UK artist Isaac B offers a lush soundscape weaved with R&B and hip-hop elements where he ruminates on the daily existential questions that haunt us. The bittersweet opener “Love Yourz” taps into finding content in what one has rather than indulging in a grass-is-greener mentality. “Oceans & Chances” focuses on the importance of timing and opportunity. The following track “Did You Further” opens up about Isaac’s creative desires whereas “Higher Power” heightens us to a spiritual meditative state. In “I’m Here” Isaac pays tribute to his hip-hop heroes whereas also offers diss to “whack emcees” – it is both a clap and a slap anthem. “Lean” is where Isaac shows his vulnerability as he expresses his gratitude towards having a humbled ego. The closing piece “Yourz Truly” delivers a message of love, mostly towards music and the connection it offers. Enjoy: