Kaisha Shares The Pain Of Trying To Fix Broken People In “Tell Me”


Photo: Tan Le

Brighton-based Malaysian artist Kaisha taps into the soul-eating process of trying to fix destructive people in her latest single “Tell Me.” The track is a neo-soul piece where Kaisha taps into the never-ending cycle of keeping things together when you’ve entangled yourself with a hot mess. It’s moody but channels that hopeless romanticism we cling onto when we can’t let go of our faith for someone. Spoiler: no, they won’t change. Yes, they’ll continue dipping the peanut butter knife into the jelly jar without wiping:

On her new single, Kaisha shared: “‘Tell Me’ is when things keep falling apart even when you glue them together. It’s like climbing up a hill and ending up back at the starting line before you’ve even reached the peak. This track talks about the exhausting and toxic cycle that two people can get caught up in, with both people refusing to leave with the only way out.”

Kaisha is set to release her EP later this year.