Maisie Peters Teaches Us Cost Effective Love In “Sad Girl Summer”

Not everyone and everything is worth the time

Photo: PR courtesy

Maisie Peters pulls a Marie-Kondo on everyone and everything that are not worth the time, energy, and emotional investment in her latest single “Sad Girl Summer.” It’s a playful piece of indie pop where Maisie reminds us that a) life is short and b) you should invest in things and people who truly deserve it. The video features Maisie’s friends who engage in all kinds of shenanigans:

“The song is all about letting go of both things and people who aren’t worth your precious time and energy. Instead, ‘Sad Girl Summer’ celebrates the people in your life who are deserving of that commitment,” commented Maisie.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Maisie’s North America tour with Lauv has been postponed. Buuut the gal will be hitting your eardrums with more songs this year.