Seeb & Julie Bergan Drop New Single “Don’t You Wanna Play?”

Yes, we wanna play

Artwork: PR courtesy

Norwegian duo Seeb (aka Simen Eriksrud and Espen Berg) joins forces with Scandi pop singer Julie Bergan in new track “Don’t You Wanna Play?” Filled with themes of lust, love, and thrill, “Don’t You Wanna Play” is the type of banger that sticks to your speakers at max volume as you do your summer ritual dance:

On the new single, Seeb shared: “Julie is one of our absolute favorite singers and it’s such a pleasure for us to be able to release this record now. We had equally as much fun working on this as our previous collaborative release ‘Kiss Somebody’. As we noodled into a lot of the darker sounding emotions for the album, this felt like a blast of positivity and energy, which sometimes, you just have to let out.”

On the collaboration with Seeb, Julie commented: “I really love the energy of this song! For me it is the perfect summer song. It is just the right amount of playful and uplifting. I just want to drive really fast across the country roads in Norway with the windows down and the speakers as loud as they get!”

“Don’t You Wanna Play?” is from Seeb’s forthcoming album Sad In Scandinavia, which will be out on July 24th.