The Irrepressibles Explores Fantasy & Romance In New Album ‘Superheroes’


Artwork: PR courtesy

The Irrepressibles, the solo project of Jamie Irrepressible, takes us on a fantasy endeavor of love, self-discovery, and imagination in his new album Superheroes. It’s a cinematic record that combines elements of kraut-rock, progressive, and indietronica where the lyrical narrative transcends beyond reality. Sit back and enjoy:

On his new album, Jamie shared:

Superheroes is a love story about masculinity, mental health, and homosexual love set in Berlin. It tells a story of awakening, and the transformation and healing of the inner-child through love and acceptance. It pulls sonic influences from Berlin and its rich history of electronic music and jazz to create a landscape for their story. Their love plays out in a kind of fantasy world built from their internal shared imagination. It discusses the connection between fantasy that is built in the brain through isolation of a part of oneself that cannot be expressed and how through deep love we enter that space in each other.”

The album is out now via Of Naked Design.