Christinna O Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder In “Hot Head”

Soulful pop

Photo: Kenya Naomi

Through slick synths and lush vocals, Christinna O tackles her own struggles with bipolar disorder in her latest single “Hot Head.” The track is a heartfelt piece that explores the gal’s own experiences in dealing with mental health and also as an outlet of her rage. Melodically, “Hot Head” is a magnetic single that invites you into a meditative soundscape filled with vulnerability:

“‘Hot Head’ expresses how hard it is to speak and be heard for your truths, especially as a Black woman, as a queer Black woman, as a Black queer woman who lives with mental health obstacles. ‘Hot Head’ is a mouthpiece for my often held rage. This song meets me at the fork in the road, with the option of imploding or getting it all out.”

“Hot Head” is the follow up of Christinna’s debut EP Girl In Passing.