Kennen’s “City Lights” Is For All Those Cinematic Moments Of Your Life


Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based artist Kennen lets us reimagine all those cathartic scenes in coming-of-age films into our lives in his latest single “City Lights.” It’s a starry-eyed, chest-swelling piece that blooms with bursting synths that channels the dreamy intensity of such moments. As we live in weird times of social distancing and isolation, “City Lights” offers a track where we could daydream endlessly:

On his new single Kennen shared: “I feel like I’ve watched too many coming-of-age stories. It sucks to feel like you’ve never had any main character moments in your own life, unlike what you see in those movies and tv shows. I wrote this to try to capture for myself, what it might feel like to live a life of young and carefree moments. I hope that when you listen to ‘City Lights,’ you can feel those moments too.”

“City Lights” is from Kennen’s upcoming EP Kennen’s Cassettes, which will be out on July 31st.