Boniface’s “Happy Birthday” Is For Everyone Who Grew Older During Quarantine

Older and maybe wiser

For everyone who spent their birthdays in isolation, here’s Boniface’s “Happy Birthday.” It is the first single from the artist’s self-titled debut album, which was released back in February of this year. The video features people around the globe who celebrated their birthday in quarantine including members of Girl Ray, Blaenavon, Ayla Tesler-Mabe (Ludic, Calpurnia), and many more. Hit play:

On his new video, Boniface shared:

“I celebrated my birthday in isolation on April 22nd – it was an odd one and celebrating didn’t really seem appropriate. I was so lucky to have a safe place to isolate, but it was still an anxious, lonely birthday and I’m sure this experience wasn’t unique to me. the idea for the music video stemmed from that – celebrations in isolation, seen through computer screens and video messages and it goes out to everyone trying to connect or find some joy given the circumstances.”