Erich Mrak’s “Girls” Is Remedy For Third Party Heartbreak


Artwork: PR courtesy

We’ve all had friends who go through rough breakups and while these heartaches are ‘third party’ to our eyes, we get driven to help remedy them. In Erich Mrack’s case, he made a song about it, dedicated to a friend who is going through painful transition. But unlike the hefty theme, “Girls” is a melodic delight built on chest-swelling synths that induces a frisson rush through the veins. Lyrically, “Girls” also capture the emotional dynamics that rises in a friendship when one party gets heartbroken. “Why you hang with girls who are breaking you heart? / Tryna make it work when it’s breaking apart” croons Erich. Through these phrases, Erich also captures the complex role of offering both sympathy and reason amidst the emotional chaos – hit play:

On his latest single, Erich shared:

“‘Girls’ was one of the last songs we produced for Glimpse, and the initial production of the song started with myself, and Phil playing melodies on an upright piano on the live floor.

Initially ‘Girls’ was titled ‘Boys’ and centered around the dynamic of a close female friend of mine going through heartbreak. While the context of ‘Girls’ centres around a recent heartbreak, the core message of the song lies in the supportive dynamic friendship plays in encouraging someone they can do better.”

The track is from Erich Mrak’s upcoming full-length album Glimpse. Currently based in Toronto, Erich has been songsmithing since the age of seven and recorded his first full song at the age of 13. Make sure to keep him under your radar as Erich will be dropping more songs soon.