Lauren Lakis’ “We’ll Be Fine” Is Dreamy Nightmare For Every Urban Creature

Garage rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Lauren Lakis takes us into the haunted woods of our own fears and insecurities in her video “We’ll Be Fine.” It’s a blend of shoegaze and dream pop that have been layered with the edgy layers of garage rock. The video follows Lauren in the woods as she struggles to find her way out – a nightmare for every urban creature and dream come true for every herban. Watch below:

On the video, Lauren shared: “The video was made while in quarantine in Portland, Oregon. I’m fairly certain I was sick with Covid19 throughout the month of March, and at the tail end of my illness my producer/partner Billy Burke (who I was quarantined with) and I shot it along the trails near our apartment. When I’m in the woods, among the trees, I feel that I’m in nature’s domain, I’m not in control anymore. As a city dweller, I’ve lost touch with nature in many ways, and it can sometimes be a foreign, scary place. The woods represented the prison of my own mind, there will never be an escape. This again touches on the opportunity to go inward, to face one’s shadow, and in the video I am running from it, going insane, to eventually emerge back out into the real world. Sometimes it feels like the nightmare will never end, but it does. It ends. This too shall pass. We’ll be fine”