Shivum Sharma Shares New Glowing Single “Ride”


Photo: Walt McNee

South London artist Shivum Sharma offers us a slow-burning soundscape titled “Ride” where he reminds us to give our everything even if you can’t see the light. In metaphorical sense, “Ride” refers to times when you don’t get to be in the spotlight. In literal sense, it applies to our current situation where we’re isolated like trolls in caves. But despite all this, Shivum reminds us to do our best. “Ride” is an exquisite melody that slips into your eardrums with a risqué flair, yielding a warm breeziness:

“’Ride’ is an ode to how the sun makes me feel. It was born on a grey day in Alex Burey’s studio, a room that lets no natural light in, giving us the freedom to ignore outside’s climate and determine it for ourselves,” explained Shivum. “It’s about not feeling enough, but fronting and giving it all you’ve got anyway. Living in the shadow of another’s glow but enjoying the ride enough to stay exactly where you are anyway, soaking up all that it brings.”

The track is from his upcoming EP Diamond, which will be out on August 18th via AWAL..